It’s that time of year again and Dock installation is on your list. We know our way around Lake Minnetonka and we’re familiar with the high volume of boat traffic lined around each bay. Our expert dock installation specialists can safely secure your dock/boathouse in place and ready for use. Need help getting your boat to the dock? We do that too!

•Dock/Boathouse Delivery

•Dock/Boathouse Install, Maintenance, and Take-Down

•Watercraft Trailering/Delivery

Dock Installation

We can install as early as the EARLY ICE OUT DATE!

Be the one that has their boat on the water first!


Servicing a

50 mile radius

of the MN METRO

Dock Installation: $25/ 8’ section

Boathouse installation: $250 minimum

Dock/ Boathouse delivery or hauling, please request an E-QUOTE

*Prices are subject to change*